Our Instructors Work At

You are the freelancer, the studio design director or a practitioner. You have a gift of ommunitication. Come with us. We’re a lot alike.

Become an Instructor is easy. It starts with a simple chat to hear your background and get you started with your own dashboard.

We are looking for instructors that have a passion with UI UX, 3D or visual design and No-Code. Are you a mix of these? Perfect. We even take branding artists and those that can create with a tablet or phone.

All about the tools

Do you have a tool that you think your an expert with? We need your. Short, easy to follow video screen shares are our game.

When your getting started, you want to focus on a particular tool or a set of tool for your screen share. Go deep into these if they are advance courses. Focus you attention on quality, go slow and pause the screen share (using loom) if you are stuck on something within your presentation.

Your own Dashboard

We make it easy to track your earnings, upload a course and start teaching others. Get involved.

We ask that each instructor get as detailed as possible. Set compelling imgery for your course, Set a video intro that makes sense and is engaging. We also ask that you be apart of the community, be active on slack and the community within Design Foundry groups and the DF forum. Most importantly, have fun and make some cash!