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You are the freelancer, the studio design director or a practitioner. You have a gift of ommunitication. Come with us. We’re a lot alike.

Become an Instructor is easy. It starts with a simple chat to hear your background and get you started with your own dashboard.

We are looking for instructors that have a passion with UI UX, 3D or visual design and No-Code. Are you a mix of these? Perfect. We even take branding artists and those that can create with a tablet or phone.

  • Screen shares in 5 – 20 minute lessons
  • Limited presentations, more on use of tools & theory
  • Focus on 1-2 tools or a signle thesis per course
  • We give you an intro video (or you can create one)
  • Earn 1-5% of all sales on DF
  • Can release your courses on other platforms such as your own website or platforms like Udemy. Your not tied to us.